About Us

Welcome to Just Blend. Convenient, wholefood, balanced, pre portioned frozen smoothie pouches. We are all about transparency, and having a healthy choice.

My name is Sam Watherston. My background is hospitality. As a chef I have worked along side Jamie Oliver in restaurants, learnt the skills to craft in front of a camera. Performed demonstations at cooking schools and worked with kids to enrich their world of food and the importance there in. My chef and front of house skills allowed me to travel and work in many exotic locations around the world. I am lucky enough to have landed in this amazing country with so much opportuity.

This is where the business was started, to satify the need to have a healthy choice…. After school sport I went into the cafe to get my daughter a healthy snack and all that was on offer was hot chips, sweets or fizzy drinks. Some thing had to be done and we are on that journey!

A healthy choice, convenience, transparency, balance and compostable packaging, are just some of our values that we live and breath. This great country has a fantastic global image and these values stand by that image for the rest of the world to follow..

We believe it is only right that in bringing this product to market, others benefit who share in our values, from the sales network we are building. We are a growing family with nutritional balance and healthy eating trends at the core.